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copyright Karen UlvestadIt didn’t take long for the soul-searching to begin. The voice of the artist quietly whispering inside, trying express itself through my daily life. Life is constant motion. . .constant change. . .

This is the year for change. There is a strong need for new adventures, and exploration of the world. Stories are waiting to be photographed and written. Workshops are set for the year, and I’m looking towards 2014 already.

The stage is set for great happenings and changes. The critic within each of us is the hardest person to please with our artistic endeavors, whether it’s photography, painting, sculpture or writing. We stop ourselves from Greatness!

This year is about achieving goals and moving forward. It’s about re-connecting with family and friends. It’s about pursuing photography assignments, writing opportunities, teaching workshops, shooting weddings, and expanding my vision.

Simply put. . .it’s about Living Life to the Fullest and Loving it. . .

The greatest part about all of this is my family. We have an opportunity to heal, become closer, and find true joy in life. Each of us is gifted photographers, videographers, writers and artists. We are explorers, visionaries, and Earth caretakers.

The biggest goal of 2013 is to find joy, happiness and unconditional love. . .

Love & Light to All. . .Karen