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copyright Karen UlvestadSo death came by three. Actually, they all passed within 72 hours of each other. One was expected,the other two were a bit of a surprise.

They say death comes in threes, but I’ve never experienced anything this pronounced. I get the message. . .

It’s time to live in the here and now. . .

I think it is easy to get caught-up in everyday life, and forget to live our lives. It’s easy to forget that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. We become attached to physical things and people, overlooking the astounding beauty that surrounds us every moment of every day.

Death is merely a transition to our true self. It can come at any moment.

I believe that we are here to fulfill our dreams, and help humanity evolve to a higher level. It comes through the arts, whether it’s painting, photography, writing or another art form. Each of us has something incredible to share with the rest of us.

It’s a shift in social norms. The health of the arts in a society is an indicator of the health of the nation. Death reminds us that we all need to embrace our inner dreams before it’s our time to go. We need to find the courage to embrace the artist deep within ourselves.

It’s time to Awaken. . .to become who we truly are inside and share it with the world.

Love & Light to All. . .Karen