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copyright Karen UlvestadThis might be the last moment of peace before the emotional storm breaks loose. Death has come twice in the past 2 days, and now becomes the time for the grieving, the emotions and remembering to live life.

It’s amazingly silent on the email airwaves today. There are no angry words, defensive posturing or accusations. Everyone involved is silent. . .for now. . .

It’s still new.

I think that the death of a loved-one brings out all our core issues so fast and hard, it becomes near impossible to hide them from others. Our wounds show through our words, actions, and emotions during these times of change.

It’s easy to cover-up guilty feelings with anger, harsh words and greedy demands.  It’s hard to face the guilty feelings of being to busy to visit, not calling enough or other short-comings. It’s easier to take it out on others, instead of dealing with one’s inner-self.

I’m the quiet one, that knows what it means to be broken inside. I know that all the physical things in the world cannot eleviate feelings of guilt, failure or unhappiness. That’s just a trick of the mind, that is used to avoid the inner turmoil that is causing the physical/verbal/emotional violence towards others.

My prayers are for ALL the people involved in these 2 transitions to find inner-peace, and a civil manner to relate to each other during this emotionally trying time.

Much Peace, Love & Light to All. . .Karen