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copyright Karen UlvestadI find myself in a quandary as of late. As a child, it was easy for me to draw and paint. Writing was more difficult, but relatively easy too. As an adult, I struggle to do these things. Even this blog is almost impossible to write at times, hence my time between posts.

So, here is the hard part for me. I am teaching my son how to draw. He is an incredible photographer, model and actor. Like me, he is afraid to draw. He stopped drawing after a series of traumatic events occurred in his life. I could never fully embrace my artistic skills, because I was raised to believe it was a worthless pursuit.

My son and I made a pact. He will be open to learning how to draw, and I will embrace myself as an artist with many mediums (especially drawing/painting). We are going to spend about an hour a day drawing. Needless to say, I am scared!

I’ve carried this fear my entire life, and have always discounted anything that was easy to accomplish. The motto of my family was “if it’s not hard, it’s not worth doing.” In truth, the opposite is true.

Life is not a struggle. Life is an adventure to be lived, learned from and shared with others. Happiness comes from within, and we share it with others. I remember the years of looking for it in other people.

It’s time for the paradigm shift that will allow me to live my life in a “normal” way, and keep from passing the fear on to the next generation (my son).

There are other reasons why fears should be faced, and healthier beliefs found to replace them. Our fears generate “dis-ease” in our physical bodies, such as cancer, diabetes, frequent illness, etc. These diseases allow us to distract ourselves from the core issues in our lives. Guilt is another big contributor to “dis-ease”, and is a result of our individual belief systems.

I think there comes a time where we each choose to continue on a life path filled with fear and pain, or face it, change it and move on to something better. I’ve decided to face it, change it and evolve it into something healthier for me and my family.

I would encourage everyone to look at their own lives, and decide if there is anything they wish to change. If so, I hope they have the courage to follow the path of change and personal growth.

Love & Light to All. . .Karen