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copyright Karen UlvestadIs there ever enough time?  We run through our lives with deadlines and errands.  We keep moving.  Then, life steps in.

How many good memories are enough before someone dies?

I think the answer is different for each person.  Once more, death is visiting my world, and once more I ponder.  I think about “things” deeply, and seek what is right for me.  This time, I have a 12-year-old son, who is touched by this passing.

The process is still happening.  The family member is now in hospice, and not doing well.  We will be traveling again this week, to create more positive memories.

We’ve known that it is going to happen, but not when.  I think it is easy to “put it off”, rather than live through the process.  There is a lot to be said for coming to terms with the dying person, before they pass.  It is good to create something positive and good, while they are still alive.

Death itself is merely a transition.  All religions and spiritual beliefs talk about a person having a soul or spirit.  Death merely releases this soul/spirit from the physical body, and it passes to another form.

I think that this transition will be good for the person, because their body is succumbing to Parkinson’s.  I feel deeply for his wife.  She has been through every step of the process, and it’s span several years.

It’s been hard for everyone involved to watch him slowly slip away, and become a “different” person.  He was a fit individual, who was very active and part of life.  The disease slowly stripped all of that away from him, and now he is bed-ridden.

So instead of avoiding the situation, we visited often, and made good memories.  Just four weeks ago, we had a UW Huskies football Tailgate party at his room.  We watched the game, cheered and ate great food.  He smiled, talked, ate, and cheered along with us, and I took pictures.

Often, we don’t know when death will be coming into our lives.  It reminds us to live in the moment, and enjoy life.  It shows us that it is important to be grateful, and cherish what we do have. . .life is precious. . .

Love & Light to All. . .Karen