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copyright Karen UlvestadI don’t get into a Blue Funk very often.  I’ve done a lot of work on myself, and developing new, healthy habits instead.  Even with all the work, life hands us events that upset our world at times.  Right now, my world is a bit up-ended.

I think that it happens when too many “things” start to happen all at once.  I’ve written about my father-in-law and his Parkinson’s.  He is deteriorating quickly at this point.  There is sadness that goes with this one.  My son is close to his grandfather, and it is hard for him.  It’s nothing that I or my family can control.  It just is. . .

Secondly, we are working on moving.  We want to buy a house, with a yard, and enough space for us.  We found the dream house unexpectedly.  We have been working with a mortgage broker to get a mortgage.  It sold right before we were able to make an offer.  So, this is major upset number two. . .

So how does one deal with all this major change?

I focus on the things I have control over.  I create, paint or write.  I choose not to fall completely into the over-whelming feelings of not being able to control the situation.  I let go of the issue, trusting/knowing that something better is about to happen (even though it does not feel like it at the time).

So, we are going to move to the Oregon coast.  It will be great for my business, my family, and a shorter drive to help-out my in-laws.  I didn’t have control over what happened to the house.  I do have control over how I respond.

This was my response – http://youtu.be/T1mDb-xAPe0

Hope you enjoy. . .

Love & Light to All. . .Karen