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copyright Karen UlvestadOur lives go through cycles of stress, sadness, happiness, and joy.  There are multitudes of other emotions/feelings we experience everyday.

In the darkest hour of our lives, we find ourselves in the ashes of what was, with the possibilities of what could be.  It’s a time of choice.

It’s that moment where the realization surfaces that there is something more that exists. . .something that we cannot put our finger on. . .something bigger than us.

It is a shift in our consciousness. . .our awareness of our world.  Our perceptions sense something, and it’s something that is new.  It has not been defined by our previous understanding of our world.  It is an awakening of spirit.

The changes can be subtle to extreme.  The importance of physical items changes.  Goals shift to accommodate the changes of the spirit/heart.  Our dreams begin to become more important than the daily routine.  We ask “What if. . .”.

Unprepared, I asked “What if. . .” over 15 years ago.  I left the corporate world.  I stepped out on my own as a photographer.  I knew and believed that was my path.  Then, I crashed with health issues.

Looking back, I can say I did the right thing.  Through all the tears, fearful times and painful good byes, I did the right thing by following my dreams.  Thinking back, those were the dark times, filled with uncertainty and unknowing.  I traveled a path filled with doubt and torment, though through it all I found myself.

I’m in a better place on all levels, and I over-came the critics that kept screaming at me that I couldn’t do it.  I found that I needed to let go of a lot of people to find the good things in life.

My photography speaks for itself.  My writing is starting to earn me an income.  Life became simple, and fulfilling.  All it takes is courage, absolute belief and faith. . .

Love & Light to All. . .Karen