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copyright Karen UlvestadWhen change happens, it can be over-whelming to the people involved.  There are small changes that we experience every moment of every day.  We constantly make decisions.  Then, there are the life or major changes.  These changes affect the fundamentals of our core beliefs, financial foundation or deep personal feelings.

The latter is the type of change I am navigating right now.  It is slowly sinking-in that after my big workshop at the end of the month, I only have small venues scheduled until March 2013.  I know the right “things” will come into my path, but it’s hard for the mind to switch gears so quickly.

It’s a confusing place to be in.  On one hand, there is a grief process for the “thing” that isn’t going to be, and fear of the unknown.  Our brains/minds do not follow the same philosophy as our hearts.  My brain/mind is wrapped-up in the thought “what am I going to do?”  My heart knows that when one door closes, another one opens and it’s usually better.

Right now, I simply feel sad.  I’ve been working on my workshops for next year, and am struggling with completing course descriptions.  At the same time, I am completing the class information for my weekend workshop at the end of June, and all the travel plans.

At the same time, I am waiting patiently for answers to questions regarding a wholesale line that I am creating from my artwork and writings.  There are so many good things happening, yet I am feeling a lose too.  I’ve lost what is familiar, and comfortable.

I think it becomes too easy to find a comfortable spot, and want to stay there.  It appears to be positive and fulfilling, though it may be “settling” for less than what is wanted.  My dreams are big.  So, the “things” that left my life are relatively small in comparison.

I would encourage all who read this to look at their own lives, and strive for fulfilling their dreams.  It is the place where true happiness meets financial prosperity.

Much love & light to all. . .Karen