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copyright Karen Ulvestad

Be an Individual in the Crowd. . .

Life is a circle.  Technically it is a spiral upwards.  We keep learning and evolving within our own being, to become better people.  We search for happiness.  We search for fulfilment.  Really, we are searching for ourselves.

I haven’t written lately, because I am struggling with my writing.  It is hard to express ideas that have not come full-circle to completion.  It’s been a time of personal growth, and learning.

I discovered that I am hiding from the world, and looking out from under my “rock” or safe place.  It’s easy to hide.  It’s harder to step out, and announce “here I am!”

I’ve been through 15 years of great emotional, physical and spiritual transitions.  It’s been a LONG time, and I am so happy for the positive change that is evolving in my life right now.

I discovered that the only thing I felt I owned was my photography.  I clung to it like a life-raft, hoping to survive the storm in my life.  Now, it’s time to let it go to the world.  The storm is over. . .thankfully.

So, how does one emerge into the world a changed and strong person?

. . .with courage, bravery and gusto!

Life is too short to dwell on the short-comings of one’s self or others.  Fear keeps everyone at arm’s length, and stops the positive flow of abundance into one’s life.  It stops a person from evolving, growing and becoming themself.

I was afraid that someone would come in and take my photography away from me.  I sank so low, that I could not see that the world did not work that way.  All I saw was the “things” that kept leaving my life, instead of the opportunities that were opening up.

Today, I am able to write.  I see the world in all its beauty.  My hope for the world it that more people find their way to themselves, so we can make a peaceful world for all.

Love & Light to All. . .Karen