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copyright Karen Ulvestad - All Rights Reserved.I spent the weekend with my in-laws.  It’s always insightful.  My father-n-law has Parkinson’s.

Each time we visit, a little piece of him has slipped away, and he has moved closer to dying.  His dementia is clouding his thoughts and actions.  He is living in an assisted care facility, but still visits the house he called home.

Even though he is not my father, the visits bring up emotions, and many thoughts.  I’ve come to some powerful realizations about life.

I think the biggest realization is that life is part of dying.  Each breathe we take is one less we have before we die.  So many times, we get caught up in life.  We only see the small menial things, such as getting to an appointment on time or getting the car repaired.

We forget that these “things” are small, and allow them to over-run our lives.  We become robots, turn off our emotions, and drudge through the day.  The world becomes a dark, lonely place.

Sometimes, my words only come out in a poem.  So. . .

Rites of Passage

living is part of dying
slowly slipping towards
our last breath

trials line our pathway
as we journey towards perfection
disappointment, disillusionment
seep into our minds
through dementia

Yet. . .

we move forward
breathing in our life
exhaling fear and uncertainty

trials become lessons
perfection changes to self-acceptance
disappointment and disillusionment
melt away into faith
through courage

rites of passage. . .

Love & Light to All. . .Karen