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copyright Karen UlvestadInvisibility is for Super Heroes.  It doesn’t work well as a belief system for living a happy, healthy and full life.  Trying to be invisible is a way of life. . .something we learn from our families of origin, traumatic events in our lives or simply fear.

When we are children, being invisible can be the only physical thing that keeps us alive into adulthood.  Adults can rage, and parents can rage too.  If our parents raged at us, we learned to be afraid, and withdraw from the world.

It’s the withdrawal that makes us feel invisible.

Being invisible hurts us as children, adults and as human beings.  Fear is a very powerful tool/weapon to wield in a family or in society.

The other part of invisibility is that everyone else still sees us.  We try to hide, but we don’t disappear.  Our actions speak of low self-esteem or anger or negative attitudes or. . .

So, what is the solution?

We need to find ourselves.  It is a job of salvaging our broken emotions, feelings, dreams, thought processes and physical bodies.  It is learning a different way of being, and forgiving.  Forgiving ourselves for believing the other person(s) outbursts, and the other person(s) for their outbursts.

Broken people usually unconsciously pass on their issues to other people close to them.  The easiest people to give it to are other broken people or children.  Each of us is responsible to realize the issues that we carry, and to heal from them.

So, Invisibility is best left for Super Heroes. . .

Love & Light to All. . .Karen