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copyright Karen Ulvestad - All Rights ReservedWhat if I did something different?  What if things were different?  Would that have happened, if I had done something different?  What if. . .

Second guessing oneself is common when traversing though situations that are highly emotional or unfamiliar.  It’s that little voice that creeps in after making a life altering decision, or change.  It challenges us when we have regrets.  It haunts us with sudden loss or huge changes.

It is these small microcosm that creep slowly into out thoughts when we have doubts.

I made a decision today.  I decided to let go of a lot of physical possessions.  I am choosing to move, travel, create and live life over having too many possessions.  There is something to the old adage “he with the most toys still dies.”  The question is, does he with the most toys have a happy and spiritual life?  Or, is he chained to all his responsibilities (aka his toys)?

It becomes a question of do we control our lives, or do our things control it?  Things could be defined as our possessions, thoughts, ideas, paradigms, circumstances, relationships or religion.  How can we begin to find “GOD/Goddess”, if we are distracted by all the things we have collected to fill our space?

I feel like I’ve woken up from a long sleep, and am looking around at the world for the first time in years.  I’ve been drowning in confusion that has been generated by dis-organized possessions, people dying, friends leaving, moving, loosing a house, a father-n-law with a terminal illness, and trying to keep the family financially stable.

I think it’s time to let it all go. . .

These are times that require getting away from the situation, and finding one’s self.  It is a process of being alone, and writing, thinking or praying.  It is different for everyone.  For me, it is a day behind the camera out in nature, and a blog entry or two.  For others, it’s a journal entry while enjoying a coffee at the local coffee shop.  We are all different.

While all this sounds simple, it does contribute to feelings of depression, being overwhelmed and out of control of our lives.  Times like this try our faith and belief in the world.  It tests our strength in the Creator, and the path of our individual lives.  It challenges us to look past placing blame.  It asks us to look at ourselves and change.

So, what if we did change?  What would happen if we walked out the door, opened our arms to the world, and saw the entire world for the first time?  What if we noticed the subtle colors of a flower, or that a water drop reflects the world like a fish-eye lens?

Where would we be?

What would we feel?

What does unconditional love feel like?

Ask what if. . .and the possibilities are endless. . .

Love & Light to All. . .Karen