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copyright Karen UlvestadAfter juggling too many responsibilities for many years, there comes a time when things crash.  It’s not a horrible, death knoll.  It is a slow dance of change that takes a sharp left turn, sending everything off-balance and crashing to the ground.

It is a time that opens up opportunities to change, and decide what is truly important in life.  It is a time of faith, and unwavering belief.

People live and die.  Our thoughts live and die.  Our beliefs live, can be shaken and sometimes die or change.  We are the product of these changes in our personal world.  These are opportunities to change and grow.

The only thing we can count on in this life is change.  This moment is going to be different from all the other moments in the past, present and future.

Another equally disturbing truth is that we do not own the past or future.  The only thing we have ownership and control over is this moment in time called the present, and our own actions to the world around us is what we control.

Each thought fills a split-second, and it controls what path we are heading down into the future.  Our thoughts create who we perceive ourselves to be, not what other people think of us.  We create our own, unique set of circumstances that becomes the backdrop for our life.

With that said, can other entities influence or control our lives?  Yes, but not without the correct set of thoughts and experiences from us.

When we are children, our parents control what we learn, experience and feel.  Some allow children to learn from experience, guiding them from their past experiences.  Other parents tell their children how to see the world, what to feel and limit their ideas on “good” and “evil”.

It’s easy to fall into the idea that others are responsible for one’s life issues, if their childhood was controlled by over-bearing parents.  We tend to create our lives around what is familiar or well-known.  It is difficult to change to another idea, when one does not have the knowledge base of that idea.  Hence, it is easier not to change.

So, when things go crash, it is a signal that changes need to be made in one’s life.  It can be challenging, but that is the perfect time for faith, belief and courage.

Love & Light to All. . .Karen