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copyright Karen Ulvestad - All Rights Reserved.Personal power comes from within each of us.  We possess the most powerful ability to control and shape our own lives.  We choose everyday with every thought we think, every action we take and every word we speak.  We make the choice to be a victim, a winner, beautiful, ugly, happy, sad. . .

Our power comes from the Creator, in his/her many forms.  It is given to us at birth, and many times striped from us in childhood.  As adults, we can re-claim our own power, become our own person and rise above all the challenges in our lives.

We have the opportunity to become what we dream, or accept what others think we should be.  Taking our personal power back can be frightening, and a big fearful event.  It is not easy saying no to people you “love” or are “friends.”  It is easier to stay in the “status quo”, and forget about our dreams.

The moment we refuse our personal power, we choose to walk among the “living dead”.  We choose to allow our dreams to die, and we die emotionally, spiritually and physically.  We create the diseases that ravish our bodies through our choices.

We have the power to change.

We have the power to be powerful, spiritual human beings.  We can make these choices at any age.  Excuses allow us to stay in the “safe” place, where our spirit cries out for nourishment.  It is a place where we walk among the “living dead”.  We cease to have dreams.  We cease to contribute to the evolution of our society and democratic processes.  We cease to live life, and die inside.

The choice is ours to make.  We can run and hide.  Or, we can become brave, and face our deepest fears.  Our deepest pain in life is also our biggest asset to fuel changing our lives.  Fear is the biggest motivator we have.  We choose to be afraid, or to have faith.

Those living nightmares from the past are simply that. . .in the past.  We do not own the past or the future.  All we have is the present.  We are not guaranteed that we will be alive one moment from now.  We have a choice to live or die.  We make this choice every moment of every day.  The choice is ours.

From hence I came. . .

Love & Light to All. . .Karen