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copyright Karen UlvestadThe aw-ha moment came with a moment of self-realization.  I had fallen into a dark place with major life changes and the death of my mom.  It was easier not to remember who I was, and pretend that the world was different from it was.

Those dark places eat at the very essence of our souls, and crush every ounce of creativity in our being.  It’s easy to get lost in the darkness, and buy into the pictures of fear.  I fell very deeply into this great abyss.

A couple of days ago, the light came back on.  It has been a few years, and I’ve struggled every moment of every day.  Now, I can say, “I’m back.”

I’ve started a new project titled “From Hence I Came.”  It is a short video and book.  The video is complete, and posted on Youtube.com (at PhotoKLU).  The book will be finished in 2012.  It’s time to live life.

I think the changes have been brought on by a decision to post a photo a day for the next 365 days on Facebook.  It keeps the creative channels open, allowing my bruised spirit to heal from the trauma of the past few years.

I am very grateful to all the people with positive words, that have found their way into my life.  I have been inspired by great photographers, such as Bryan F Peterson, Art Wolf, Dewitt Jones and Jerry Downs.  I am grateful for the incredible beauty of their work.

Gratitude creates the abundance we require to live our lives.  It brings in the people needed to move us forward to our goals. . .

Love & Light to All. . .Karen