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copyright Karen UlvestadIt’s a cold January day, and I sit here remembering the past.  It’s easy to get caught up in all the emotions, and lose perspective.  The snow falls outside, and the chill permeates the house.

It’s not a sad or happy series of events.  It’s simply my past, present and future coming together on a cold January day.

Just before Christmas 13 years ago, my mom died from an infection.  She had refused to seek medical treatment for it, until it was too late.  She had a choice in how she died. . .cancer or infection.  She chose to go earlier with the infection.

Looking back over the past 13 years, I see a series of collapses and rebuilding.  Grief is a challenging series of events to traverse, and keep life in perspective or balance.

Personally, I had the ground fall out from beneath me, and found myself homeless for several weeks.  It’s been a long, slow and difficult path to keeping my life together.  I am thankful for all the events.  They have helped me grow as a person.

I collapsed under a series of major stresses in my life.  It started with leaving a corporate job, having major surgery, helping a homeless friend and living without a job.  It was the first start of my business, and it failed to thrive.

I think the biggest thing is to embrace the events, emotions and challenges during times of change.  Grief comes from many different life events. . .not just death of a friend or family member.

Life is a constant flow of changes.  I have learned to be open to the flow, and navigate the path.  It is a challenge with a child and disabled partner, but one that is working.  I have accomplished putting a financial groundwork together, that will help us become successful.

It came down to a choice for me.  I could choose to stay down, or pick myself back up.  It’s been a long path to putting all the pieces of my life together again, and in a better way.  The lessons along the way have made me stronger and smarter.

Love & Light to All. . .Karen