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copyright Karen UlvestadEvery year, I hear the same question.  “What is your New Years Resolution. . . .”

Often, I hear the resolutions to exercise more, lose weight or change a habit.  It can be stressful to list these items, and not be fully ready for the change.

We forget that we identify with how we look and feel.  When we take on an exercise program, lose weight or change a habit, we are changing our identity.  If we lose weight, we will look different in the mirror, and feel different about what we see.  The same happens with the other two changes that I mentioned.

Another part of this change includes how we relate to other people, and how they relate to us.  In a perfect world, everyone would accept us for what we are on the inside.  In reality, some people accept us for who we are, and others accept us for what we look like.  These individuals could be friends, family or even a spouse/significant other.

To make these changes, we have to change how we feel about ourselves.  Our paradigms of the world and our relationships needs to change too.  The core reason for our excessive weight, lack of exercise or habit is a symptom of an unresolved issue in our lives.  To be successful with the change. . .tackle the issue.

For me, it is far easier to focus on being happy, and laughing more.  I find that changes like losing weight, exercising more or habit changes are easier, if I am happy.  The moment I focus exclusively on the change, the less likely I will be successful.  It’s easy to get frustrated with lack of progress, and feel stress or unworthiness.

A key for success for me is having positive, supportive people around me.  The happier and more positive I live my life, the more positive people become my friends.  Find happiness within, and it draws happy people into your life.

May each of you be blessed with a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Love & Light to All. . .Karen