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copyright Karen UlvestadAs the days get shorter, we cruise into the Holiday Season.  We become distracted by store adds for gifts, and traffic gets snarled more than usual.  Our busy lives get busier with family gatherings and holiday parties.  Basically, we find a stressful situation.

Many times, we forget to take care of ourselves during this time, and devote our energy to helping others.  Stress can build up, and we can suffer health issues.  It becomes hard to find time for our exercise routine, and there is so much wonderful food. . .

The quickest way to defray the stress is to take five minutes away from all responsibilities.  A stroll in the park is free, and can drain away the stress.  The exercise gets the body moving, and helps put our thoughts into perspective.

A massage is another way to release stress.  It is peaceful, and releases muscle tension.  The cell phone gets turned off, peaceful music wafts through the air, and the masseuse works the knots out of the muscles.

Other spa treatments can be relaxing too, such as a facial, pedicure, manicure and more.  It comes down to taking a few moments from a fast-past day to slow down and do something good for yourself.

My favorite way to slow down during the Holidays is to go to a local cafe, and enjoy a mocha.  It can be with a friend or by myself, and it always slows down my thoughts enough to relax. . .

Love & Light to All. . .Karen