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copyright Karen UlvestadFor many, the holiday season comes along, and it feels a bit over-whelming.  Many times, it becomes a negative experience, while we negotiate all the gathers with friends and family.  Shopping is filled with multitudes of people, along with streets and parking lots filled with extra traffic.

It comes down to our paradigms.  Our personal experiences color our perceptions of the activities in the world around us.  Are we happy with our lives?  Are we feeling obligated to visit certain people?  Do we dislike the crowds at the mall?  All these questions influence how we will feel about the events or people we interact with during the Holidays.

Our time is a precious commodity for each of us.  Whether we schedule every minute of our day or not, each moment is precious.  It is the time we have to spend with our children, spouse, family, friends or ourselves.  Especially during the Holidays, it seems like more time is taken up with commuting, shopping, decorating, planning events and budgeting.  The question becomes, do we choose to spend our time on these things?  Or, do we feel obligated to take time for them?

It comes down to priorities.  What is important to each of us should be how we dedicate our time.  Personally, I avoid the shopping malls and buy from local retailers.  I don’t think Christmas or the Holidays is a time of rampant spending and social events.  I believe that it should happen throughout the year.

My priorities are to spend time with people I care about, and giving thoughtful gifts to others.  It is a season for giving, and being thankful for all the abundance in our lives.  True blessings are our children, friends, family and companions (two and four legs).

One of my best Christmas’ I remember was spent alone.  I chose to spend it alone, and headed out with my camera to photograph the snow.  I remember seeing the snow on the beach at Deception Pass, and all the eagles.  It was magical. . .

Just remember, each of us has a choice about how we spend our time, and it is right for us.  To find the positive in a negative situation, look at is as an opportunity to grow as a person.  Positive is simply the opposite of negative. . .

Love & Light to All. . .Karen