This post is something that has been writing itself for a few weeks.  I have watched the political scene, and listening to the messages.  I have posted my thoughts on Facebook.  I’ve had many who like the message, and others who cannot understand why I would support certain issues. . .hence this post. . .

First, I want to thank my high-school friend that has challenged me on my support of the Occupy Wallstreet Movement.  He/she has gotten me to think, and that challenges me to grow as a person. . .so thank you. . .

I support the Occupy Wallstreet Movement, because they speak a language I understand.  I have experienced the issues they speak about.  Also, I see that the government is not listening to the “we the people,” and promoting their own personal agendas.

With that said, I don’t agree with the violence, but people are angry.  They don’t know how to express that anger.  We have lost respect for ourselves and others in this society.  We have become focused on our own lives and money.  In some cases, our own survival is at stake.  But I will say this again – Violence is NOT the answer.

I really do not wish to argue over numbers of arrests or incidents of violence.  I think both the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street have the same idea from different view points.  I think we all want a better country, where people can live peacefully and earn enough income to support themselves and their families (or at least that is how I wish to view it).

I do not believe that the middle and lower class in this country can support the rest of it.  I believe that we need to tax the rich and corporations.

I do not believe we should cut out Medicare and Social Security, because we would be leaving thousands of people homeless and without medical care.  From a humanity point of view, that is morally wrong.

If we do cut these programs, then the government needs to refund to each of us the payments we have made for our own futures.  This way, we can invest it for ourselves.

We as a country need to stop “fixing” the world, and fix our own country.  We do not need to be spending our tax dollars on cultivating a society built on fear, and that is what we are doing now.

When we go out and spend millions of dollars a day to kill people in other countries in the name of democracy, we have forgotten our own people, and many are suffering the consequences.  If we cannot afford to spend money, why are we choosing to use our tax dollars in this manner?

Why is it we cannot choose to change our primary energy sources?  Why are we stuck in the back-pocket of big oil companies?  Why do we have limited choices for banking?  Why is our food supply contaminated with GMOs without labeling them?  Why is congress choosing to make the average person suffer monetarily by not helping the economy, and complaining that their salary of $174,000 isn’t enough to support their life style?  Why do they get to vote on their own pay increases?

Obviously, I have more questions than answers. . .

Love & Light to All. . .Karen