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copyright Karen UlvestadTimes are simply challenging.  Our world is experiencing a polarization of ideas, and colliding idea.  It’s quickly becoming two-sided, with a line drawn in the sand.  While the “debate” continues, many people are struggling with basic needs, such as paying the rent or buying nutritious food for their family.

It’s hard to keep the faith.  It’s hard to see that the abundance will be there for the things that are needed.  We get lost in the process of surviving, and forget to look at the possibilities being presented to us.

Life is not hard.  People make life hard.  Life is simple.  People make life complicated.  We all have the capacity to change this, without the use of violence.  We change ourselves.  We change our choices.  We change our paradigms about life.  We can all do this by changing our thoughts.

Sometimes, I struggle with this concept.  I realized that good people make mistakes.  They take responsibility for their actions, and rectify the situation.  That simple action separates good behaviour from bad.

So, how does one get through the challenging times?  Faith. . .

The power of thoughts will manifest solutions to life’s challenges.  Our reality is the product of our thoughts manifested on the physical.

Our path in life is a series of choices, and we control the choices made.  No one outside ourselves makes decisions for us.  Our decisions reflect our belief system.  Our belief system is our paradigm of the world around us.  We only know what we have learned.

An example would be, a child gets hit and told he/she is worthless growing up.  As an adult, this child knows that children need to be hit and told they are worthless.  The victim becomes the abuser.

To change this outcome, the victim needs to make a conscious choice to break the cycle of abuse, and needs to re-affirm the choice every moment of their lives.  Someone or something outside the family of origin needs to touch this child’s life, so that he/she knows there are other choices.

More later. . .

Love & Light to All. . .Karen