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copyright Karen UlvestadI woke up this morning with a quote running through my head:  “We are only as strong as our weakest link. . .”  I don’t remember who wrote this, but they are powerful words.

As I thought about this, I reflected on the state of our country’s politics.  Last night, I had read an article on-line about the Tea Party Town hall Meeting with potential Republican candidates.  Needless to say, it left me feeling troubled.  How can we cheer at the idea that people should be executed, or left to die if they cannot afford health insurance?

It reminds me of our country’s history.  The Boston Tea Party was in response to an entity (England) imposing taxes on us without representation.  It was a single act of protest.  In this country, we have representation for taxation and laws.

The cheering over death, reminds me of some of our dealings with the Native people in this country.  In particular, the Mandan helped explorers and settlers who asked for help.  In return, we gave them blankets infested with small pox.  Only a dozen or so survived the disease.  In retrospect, it was a great way to take their land, but we committed a sanctioned act of genocide.  We killed them, because they were different from us.

We repeated history during WWII.  It had a different outcome, but we did focus on a particular group of people.  We had Japanese internment camps in this country.  We removed all the Japanese Americans from their home, stole their belongings and detained them in internment camps.  We did this to our own citizens.

So, I began wondering how our country got to the tipping point again.  How did we get to a point where we stopped caring for each other, and begin treating organizations as people?  What has broken?

I think it is our spirit.  I think 911 broke our hearts, and we began to “hate” anything that was different from us.  Fear has replaced common sense and civility.  We target and bully people, because of their religion, sexual preference or what they look like.

Our land of opportunity is becoming another 3rd World country, because we have lost our ability to find balance between our political Right and Left.  I think 911 hit us hard enough to cause a reaction.  Our reaction was retaliation.  We lashed out, and sought to kill those responsible. . .an eye for an eye. . .

I don’t believe that we have to continue down this path.  All of us together can put an end to our country’s issues.  To create jobs, we must invest money (whether it is the wealthy people or the government does not matter).  If it is the government, we need to pay some taxes.

If the rich get all the tax breaks, where are the decent paying jobs they are creating?  If the insurance companies are non-profit entities, why do they have billions in reserve funds?  And, why do they continue to charge high prices for decent health insurance coverage?

What will happen in this country, if millions of people fall so far below the poverty line they cannot afford food, clothing or shelter?  I really do not want to see the violence that will ensue, because at this point it become survival.

To me, the solution is simple, but we need to work together as a country.  We all need to pull together for the solution to joblessness.  Our individual actions affect the whole.  We need to be responsible for ourselves.  The problem is not government spending.  The problem resides in our societal views, and the response to traumatic events like 911.

Whether we are Conservative, Moderate or Liberal, we need to come together as one nation, and find solutions to the issues at hand.  We have enough knowledge and know-how to find positive, beneficial solutions to the challenges we face as a country.

I believe that if we focus on what is possible, it will help reduce our governmental spending without hurting the citizens in this beautiful country.  If we help each other out of this challenging place, we will become a stronger and more peaceful nation.

It’s time we all come together, work together, and find the solutions.  I don’t think “God” made people without compassionate souls.  I think people make people without compassion. . .more later. . .

Love & Light to All. . .Karen