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copyright Karen UlvestadThe world as we see it is merely a perception.  It is built on our learned knowledge, experience, religious views and open/close-mindedness.  We make all our choices from the paradigm we have built from all this gathered information.

Knowledge (book knowledge) is the interpretation of the world from another’s point-of-view.  The wisdom revealed to us is only as accurate as the person writing the information.

Experience is something we build upon daily.  It is the culmination of all our experiences.  We learn from them, and decide which path to travel.  No one’s path is the same.

When I was growing up, I assumed that if I saw a yellow flower, everyone saw a yellow flower.  It never occurred to me that each individual sees the world through their own eyes, not mine.  I’ve experienced enough in life to know that there is more than we physically see. . .

Religious views are the group of values given to us to live by.  It could be an organization like a church or mosque, or a series of behaviours like Addiction.  It is part of the foundation of who we are, and why we view the world in our own special way.

Open/close-mindedness is influenced by the previous ideas.  I am an open-minded person, and my view of the world is very fluid.  I’m always exploring new ideas or concepts.  It goes very well with being an artist and writer.

Other people are close-minded.  All this means is that they choose to keep a smaller view on life.  This would be dictated by their religion, experiences or knowledge.

All pathways are equal. . .more later. . .

Love & Light to All. . .Karen