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copyright Karen UlvestadWow. . .what is love.  How do we love ourselves?  Why is it easier to focus on our short-comings, instead of all of our gifts?

I think it comes down to knowing one’s self.  A discovery of what is liked, dis-liked and loved in our individual worlds.

Love is nothing more than total acceptance of who we are – the good, bad and ugly parts of self.  There are no conditions, expectations or limitations.  It simply is complete, unconditional acceptance.

Once we love ourselves, we become capable of loving other people.  Again, it is given without conditions, expectations or limitations.  There is no rule that says the other person will return love, if we love them.

Once we demand love from another, we have stopped loving ourselves. . .

Always remember, the biggest gift we can give to the world is ourselves. . .

More Later. . .

Love & Light to All. . .Karen