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copyright Karen UlvestadLife transitions are challenging.  My son got out of bed this evening, and asked when he would get to see his grandfather again.  His grandfather has Parkinson’s, and his health has been deteriorating lately.

I asked him why, and he got very quiet.  My son is very gifted, and sees other people’s auras.  A few years ago, he saw the aura of one of his aunts, and it was like a black garbage bag around her.  She died a couple of years later.

So, I asked him if he saw black energy around his grandfather.  Quietly, he said yes.  It was on his chest, and growing quickly.  The color black in an aura is an indication of death or death of someone close to the person.

Wow. . .what do I say to that?

We all know that his grandfather will die from Parkinson’s.  It’s not the case where the answer is that he is going to be ok, and don’t worry about it.  The child sees it.  He sees the coming of death to someone he holds in high regard, and loves very much.

The only answer is to enjoy the time he does have with his grandfather, and live life.  I told him that his grandfather was going to die, but we didn’t know how long he had left.  I thought that it would be important to enjoy spending time with him while he was alive, instead of focusing on the fact he was dying.

I told him that we could pray that his grandfather was with us as long as he was supposed to be here, and that we could enjoy his company.

I’m sending many prayers tonight for him and his wife. . .may they be blessed.

Much Love & Light. . .Karen