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copyright Karen UlvestadAs I sit here staring at the computer screen, it occurs to me that this may be the most challenging thing to accomplish in our lives.  It is far easier to talk about changing, than it is to change.

Finding the positive in our lives does not come in pill form, or from some special diet.  It comes from a lot of looking at self.  The positive comes from accepting what has been, then letting it go.  It is the past.

Positive is simply a way of looking at life.

I think it is far easier to pursue a path filled with fear and anguish, because many people have suffered trauma in the lives.  It’s hard not to miss people who have left our lives, through death, their own growth or our growth.

To live in the positive means to let go of the past, and FEAR.  Fear kills positive thoughts and actions.  It smothers the life out of all people/things it infects.  It is the quickest way to stop living life. . .

So, where do we find the positive?  It could be as simple as eating a healthy meal, or going for a walk.  Kind words to others is another positive.

The positive is built on a foundation of respect and unconditional love for self and others. . .that is where the looking at self happens.  I had to face my deepest, darkest fears and secrets, before I could find the positive.  Do remember, those issues are in the past, and the past is owned by the Creator (GOD, Great Spirit, the Goddess, etc.).

It is ok to acknowledge the pain, and release it to the Creator.  He/She does not expect us to punish ourselves for the past.  It is hoped that we learn the lessons, and find the courage to move on with our lives.

More later. . .

Much Love & Light to All. . .Karen