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copyright Karen UlvestadPart 1

Ever asked – “what is the meaning of life?”  Ever wonder why we are here, and what are we suppose to be doing?  It’s all tied to who we are as an individual, family, society and world community.  . . .but were to start?

It all starts with self.  Through all the noise and distractions, it comes down to finding ourself, and what makes us happy.  I’ve been told that this philosophy is selfish.  That we are supposed to give and not receive.  If we all gave, who would receive?

In truth, we need to find a balance between giving and receiving.  It’s not an easy place to find, and, after 40 some odd years, I’m still working on it.  I think that it is easier to give, because it feels good to help another.  I also think it is easy to lose ourselves by giving too much.  By being able to receive, we replenish ourselves to give more in the future, and allow others to feel good about giving to you.

So, how do we find ourselves, and true purpose in life?

It starts small.  The first step is liking ourselves, with all our perceived short-comings and mistakes we have made.  The second step is loving ourselves for who we are.

Liking self. . .what always comes to mind for me is simply “God (by which ever name you call him/her) does not make JUNK!”

Our perspective at this level is colored by all the information imparted to us by family, friends, strangers and the media.  We are constantly comparing ourselves to someone else or something else.  In truth, we have everything we need.

Liking ourselves means accepting we may have too much weight on our body, or our teeth are crooked, or our checking account does not have money in it, or the rent check was late, or the power got turned-off, or. . .

This list of short-comings is endless.  We are not defined by these events in our lives.  We learn from these events, and work on positive solutions for the next time.  With all these issues, we need to look at our self-talk.  What are we telling ourself about our looks, financial responsibility or place in the world?

This is perhaps the most difficult change that anyone can make in their life.  We build our self-talk from our first words, and experiences with the world around us.  The people who raise us and we interact with, color our perceptions of the world and our place in it.

It is difficult to overcome a poverty mentality.  Just as difficult is to change the perspective that we do not have value, and deserve to be “hurt” by others.  Or, simply we have a passion or dream, and should pursue it.

The change itself is easy.  Change your thoughts and perspective, and change your world. . .

More next time on loving ourselves for who we are. . .

Love & Light to All. . .Karen