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copyright Karen UlvestadI learned something today.  As I scrubbed a bathtub, I realized something.  Living in the now, in the present is the only healthy thing we can do.  After the proverbial lightbulb lit, I wondered how does one balance responsibilities with being in the moment?

Upon pondering this idea further, I realized that we all get wrapped up in our lives (responsibilities), and forget to see what is really going on.  We run to the store, or commute to a job.  Our time is alloted to specific tasks.  Slowly, our identity becomes tied with these tasks, and we lose ourself.

One of the last jobs I had been a part-time receptionist/front office position, and it consumed me.  At the end, I couldn’t figure out what happened, and why I was unemployed.  I just figured it out.

I lost myself to the job, and the employer lied to me. . .not only lied, but did it to manipulate me into completing some tasks she wanted me to do. . .move her office.  Not only did I move her office, but I did it twice in a year.  Throughout this time, she told me that I was doing a great job.  Then, she told me I was a bad employee.

This little issue has been bothering me since 2008 from a subconscious level.  It felt good to realize it, acknowledge it and let it go.  That was the past.  I cannot hang onto this event, and live in the present.  No one can. . .

Each of us has these little points in our lives that we have not resolved.  They affect our lives until we consciously decide to let them go.  They are not the present.  They are from the past, and lessons to be learned, healed from and released. . .

More later. . .

Love & Light to All. . .Karen