copyright Karen UlvestadI grew up on stories that started with “Once upon a time. . .”, and the fairy tale became my entertainment.  It was a world filled with imagination and creativity.  The books were illustrated with drawings or paintings, instead of photographs or graphic designs.

I remember Cinderella and Snow White, instead of Bevis and Butthead.  It seems like our society is de-evolving in my lifetime.  We may have electronic communication and smart phones, but do we still have our connections with the physical world?

When was the last time, we hear a news story celebrating the beauty of the world around us?  It seems like it is filled with riots in London, suppression of peaceful protesters in Syria or the hostile budget negotiations in Congress.

This is a sad state of affairs we are living through, and many appear to be missing good coping skills to manage all this change.

“So. . .once upon a sunny day, a tired, over-worked young woman sat down at the bus stop.  The pollution from passing cars made her cough, and her eyes watered.  A rude man yelled at her for sitting in his spot on the bench, and threatened her.  Life sucked!

As she looked up at the man jestering violently, she noticed a bright object in the sky, which was blue today.  She squinted, and continued to marvel at the expanse of blue the seemed to go on forever above the tall city buildings.

Suddenly, she felt the warmth of the sun upon her face.  She couldn’t remember the last time this had happened.  It had been work, work, work, after all, the bills needed to be paid.  The noise of the city seemed to fade away, as she noticed the bird sitting on the building across the street. . .”

I remember days when I didn’t see the sun, or feel its warmth on my face.  It was part of a cycle of being addicted to work or a workaholic.  For me, I couldn’t face the person I saw staring back at me in the mirror.  My highly imaginative and creative world had collided with the Corporate world, and “Reality”.

The world wouldn’t change so that I could be happy.  I had to change myself.  I started the process back in the 1980s, but it didn’t come to fruition until recently.  It is a worthy path to pursue, even through the seemingly hopeless challenges.

Today, I love my life.  Why?  I love my life, because I write my own life-script.  The only person I need to please is myself. . .not my husband or child or parent or boss or anyone else.  I could not find that when I worked for other people.  Even if I knew my boundaries as a person, others didn’t know theirs, and I was supposed to get along with them.  It’s hard to stay healthy, in an unhealthy situation that lasts for an extended period of time. . .

More Later. . .

Love & Light to All. . .Karen