I know that there are a lot of people who are making tough choices right now.  We have been looking at the brink of a financial disaster in this country.  Or, have we?

Tough choices are those that define who we are as human beings.  Are we compassionate?  Or, self-centered?  Or, simply heartless?

I’m in a place of tough choices, and creative solutions.  I see problems as issues that need positive solutions.  I’m a little stumped by the one I face now.

In my childhood home, we would have isolated ourselves, and cinched down the budget.  We would have come through somehow, like I will figure out a way to come through this too.

I had a client cancel a job today, and they did it this morning.  Her husband had suffered a heart attack, and was in the hospital.  She was with him.  I truly hope that he will make a full recovery.  Family and people are more important that money.  Life is a very precious gift given to us, and we can choose to cherish it or not.

So, my dilema is how do I make it through the next few days with no funds to feed my family.  Well, I do have $10, and I only need to make it through to next Wednesday (7 days).  I know that it can be done.  It’s just a bit daunting.

This situation brings back my parents’ voices, telling me that I can never be successful as a photographer.  Wait, I think it applied to anything I would try to do with my life.  I think it might be easier to pretend it isn’t happening, but then how do I explain to my son why there is no food in the house to eat?  Life is filled with these little challenges, and our choices define who we are.

Somehow, I will provide food for the family for the next week.  After that, it shouldn’t be a problem.  This week and last are the two tightest weeks of my year financially.  I should add, the finances are better this year than last or the year before.  I love moving forward in a positive way.

What saddens me is that we have people in Washington DC that focus on financial sheets, instead of people.  I feel fortunate that I only have a week to be concerned about food on the table.  There are people in this country that worry about this every day.  There are children starving, because we keep “cutting” back to save money.  How are we saving money in the long run, if we have a generation of people falling through the cracks and suffering?  In the long run, we will be fighting obesity and other health/mental health issues caused by the choices made now.

If we are so worried about the deficit, we should look for solutions that would benefit the whole of the country.  Why are we not raising taxes on corporations and the wealthiest people in this country?  If we have a cash flow problem, bring back our soldiers from over-seas, and end the wars that we are involved in.  If we don’t have the money, why are we spending it fighting wars in other countries?

I believe that we are struggling with a shift in paradigms, and a lot of people are being hurt in the process.  At the end of the day, I hope that we come to our senses, and take care of our people. . .before it’s too late. . .

Love & Light to All. . .Karen