copyright Karen UlvestadI love the wind.  It’s voice permeates everything it touches.  I spent a few days at the coast listening to the wind, as swept across the coastline.  It puts life “things” into perspective.  While I listen to the wind, I feel at one with all things.

I needed to step back, and look at my life from a different perspective.  All the “old” life things were getting too big, and needed to be cleared out of my psyche again.  So, I sat and worked, while listening to the wind course through the obstacles along the Oregon coastline.  I needed to digest the information shared with me by a relative (who I have great respect for, for having the courage to share with me).  The details are not important.  What is important is that the cycle of addiction and abuse is being stopped by myself and others within the family.  We learned from our parents, and are having the courage to move past limiting behaviour patterns into the unknown.

I’ve come back, feeling blessed by the whole of creation. . .more later. . .

Love & Light to All. . .Karen