from my Whisperings of the Spirit collection. . .

Simple thoughts viewed daily, can change our perceptions of the world around us.

To continue my thoughts on changes, I pondered depression as I drove today.  It seems like depression is both a chemical imbalance in our brains, and environmental.  Yet if it is viewed from the perspective of quantum Physics, it would lead us to believe that depression is manifested by the person depressed.  Though, this is a HUGE leap in logic, but hear me out before leaving.

Generally speaking – When it’s rainy and dark outside, we tend to feel more gloomy and depressed.  Sunshine brings a lighter mood.  Good news brings happiness, and bad news. . .

What would happen if we changed how we felt about things.  Instead of a dark rainy day, maybe it could be an opportunity to finish an art project or clean-out a closet (that’s been put off).  Would we feel happy at the end of these projects?  Or, depressed?  And, is the reaction our own feelings, or the feelings of our parents, siblings, spouse, neighbor. . .and we have decided that it is our own?

Change is important in our lives.  Without change, we would become stagnate, and spiritually die.  Sometimes, our depression comes from a lack of change in our lives.  It is a feeling of being powerless, and over-whelmed with the world or our own lives.  Change and perception are integral parts of our experience.  How do we become the best person we can be?  Why does it seem someone else is living the life we thought we would have?  Why does everything seem so down?

Our focus needs to be on our own path.  We do need to be aware of others, but the only thing we do control is ourselves.  It is easier to look to other’s lives, instead of our own.  When we look at ourselves, we see our past, present and future.  Many times, our past interferes with our present.  Unfortunately, we do not own our past, therefore cannot change it.  It comes down to accepting ourselves, faults and all, and moving in the direction we choose to move.  If an apology needs to be said, find the courage to apologize.

I think the hardest part is the past memories, that are not quite at the conscious level of my mind.  It is far more frightening to look at shadows, than the issue at hand.  I find that self-medicating to avoid these “shadows” only intensifies them.  Fear is the biggest obstacle to change.  Even I battle with fear and change, though I find that I am doing the right things when I feel that fear come to the surface.  It may not be pleasant feeling, but it is an opportunity to become my own person. . .

More thoughts on this in my next entry. . .Love & Light to All. . .Karen