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copyright Karen Ulvestad

     I love Life’s little surprises!  Whether it is a butterfly or meeting a new person.  In this life, we are so blessed with a variety of opportunities.  I posted on Facebook a comment about loving life’s little surprises.  My first response to the post asked for a definition.  I think that we all tend to assume to worst, instead of the best. 

This year of 2011 has brought me many wonderful little surprises.  I resolved my tax issues in December, then in January all the paperwork to clear my name came through. . .wonderful little surprise.  Then, I received a refund check on my taxes from 2008. 

On the other hand, my Blazer has been interesting.  I take it to the shop, and it shows nothing is wrong.  It passes an emissions test, and I license it.  The first time out driving it, it won’t start.  I have it towed in, and it is the starter.  Well, I had it in years ago with the same issue.  The blessing here is simply that I now know what is wrong with it, and can get it fixed.

Our world is a mixed bag of events.  We can choose to “go with the flow” or stress-out.  Personally, stressing-out is too expensive for me.  It costs my health, family’s well-being and time.  I really dislike feeling fearful and afraid.  Instead, I go with the flow.  It doesn’t mean that other’s get to take advantage of me.  It does mean that I work within the system to resolve problems and issues.  It gives me a feeling of control over my own life.  It’s cost is more happiness for me and my family.

I tend to think of life as constant change.  We are always moving forward in our lives, even if we think we are going backwards.  In a very literal way, the Earth itself is constantly moving.  If it stopped, we would all fall off (float out into space and die). 

As a photographer, I see this happen every time I look through the lens.  Once a photograph is taken, it cannot be taken exactly the same again.  It will be close, but never exactly the same.  Everything we see is made up of molecules that are constantly moving. 

Simply stated, I am a changed person by the time I finish this blog entry.  It might be small, but I have still changed.  By the time you finish reading this blog entry, you have changed too.  Think about it. . .is there anything that is exactly the same all the time?

Love & Light to All. . .Karen