Events in Tuscon, AZ this past weekend are a reminder that we all have to work on a peace-filled world.  Each of us makes a difference in the stability of our families, communities and our country.  We all have the power to change the direction of our own lives, and touch the lives of others in a positive way.  We can sway others with our words and actions.

We have a choice to act in a positive and peaceful way, exercising our rights to “spirited” debate, or to harbor ill feelings until they explode out of us and harm others.  In our country today, we are seeing a lot of angry words boiling out of people of influence.  They direct their words at people who have similar beliefs, and it is creating a volatile situation for all people.

I agree that change needs to happen.  I also believe that change is the most constant “thing” in our world.  We can either choose to guide this change responsibly or let it run its course.  If it runs its course, we will feel out of control, because it is all of our responsibility to guide change for the positive.  That is how peace will find its way into our lives.  We need to choose to be responsible for our actions, words and engagement with the world at large.

Saturday was a breaking point.  We have to make a choice which path to go down – peace or violence.  We have to make this choice for ourselves, our children and for the survival of our country.  Since the health care reform, the mood of politics has changed into a hostile weapon being wielded by a few power-hungry individuals.  Their words and actions have called people to arms. 

This country is built on freedom of speech, but it was also built on respecting each other, our individual values and our differences.  Without this respect, our country will be pushed into another civil war.  Personally, I’d rather not go there.  Why would any of us allow our anger to burst into violence on the streets?  Do we want this reality for our children?  Does this change need to be so drastic?

It’s not just health care, or alternative fuels sources, or . . .  It’s a clash of ideals.  It’s based on money, and having “things”.  We deal with it everyday we go to work, pay the mortgage, attend a workshop.  This world revolves around money, and he who has money feels he can make ALL the rules. 

In truth, it should be based on family, friends and our environment.  Without these, we have nothing in the world.  We wouldn’t be alive.  Since when can money give us a hug?  Good health?  Clean air to breathe?  Clean water to drink?  Non-polluted food to eat?  True love or happiness?

Love & Light to All. . .Karen