I have had a wonderful Holiday Season so far, including too much food, drink and sweets.  It simply tasted good, and I got caught up in the celebratory feeling of the season.  It did get me to wonder why I seems to equate food with holidays.  Why isn’t everyday considered a celebration of life?

I’ve come to the conclusion that I need a paridim shift.  I thought I had changed my perspective on food, but I noticed that I “forgot” it when I went to holiday festivities.  Food is the fuel for our bodies.  It is the equivalent of gasoline for a car.  If we give a car too much gasoline, it does not run.  If we give our body too much food, it gets fat and doesn’t run very well.

This concept seems simple, but it’s really hard to apply to the physical world.  So, why do we struggle with it?  For me, I forget that my body is the vessel that was intrusted to me to live in for a physical experience.  They say the body is a temple for the spirit (soul).  What we do to the body is how we feel about ourselves.

Well, this holiday season showed me that I still have work on how I feel about myself.  I didn’t do too badly.  I gained back five pounds.  I think some of it is fluid retention from all the salty foods that I ate.  I’m working on flushing the excess sodium out of my body, and have re-claimed two pounds.

I think that developing a healthy relationship with food is an ongoing challenge for individuals that learned un-healthy eating habits when they were young.  It’s hard to change something in one’s life, if it is the only normal that is known to the individual. . .just a little food for thought. . .

Love & Light to All. . .Karen