Life is a delicate balancing act.  Too much of any one “thing” can send us in the wrong direction, and become self-destructive.  Too much food leads to obesity.  Too much work contributes to stress and stress related diseases such as stroke or heart attack.  Too much religion or spiritual pursuit can disconnect one from the happenings in the “real” world.

Sometimes, I think we forget how to keep all the parts of our lives in balance.  We do need to eat, work and pursue a belief system (religion or spiritual) for our well-being.  I have listed only three of the many spokes we have that contribute to the whole-ness of our lives.  To list a few more, I would have to mention relationships with other people, our children or partner, paying bills, balancing our budgets, travel, house cleaning and more.  Most people would have a very long list of everything that is part of their life.

With the holiday season coming up quickly, it is important to maintain balance in our lives.  The media always talks about the extra five to ten pounds we gain during the holiday season.  We have a choice.  We don’t have to participate in this annual ritual of over-eating.  We can choose to be different this year, and change our paridyms regarding the holiday season.

May everyone have a warm and joyous holiday season. . .

Love & Light to All. . .Karen