Why should we eat organic foods?  Another way of looking at this is why shouldn’t we eat organic foods?  Most beliefs in the world today speak of the physical body as a temple.  If it is, why would we want to put food or other substances into it that was not pure.  Non-organic vegetables are sprayed with chemicals.  Non-organic meats contain hormones and/or antibiotics.  These substances are absorbed into our bodies, and we become polluted.

So, does this mean that our world, bodies and souls are all polluted by man-made chemicals and medications?  Didn’t we learn this lesson with DDT, and its effects on bird eggs (bald eagles, brown pelicans and peregrine falcons)?  If these chemicals effect the calcium that makes an egg shell, what did it do to our skeletons?

Many of the chemicals that are used on our foods have not had long-term studies to their effects on us or the environment.  It becomes a grand experiment, with us as the test subjects.  A question we should ask is, are these chemicals contributing to the increase of cancers and other terminal diseases in our current culture?  Do these chemicals contribute to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other brain/body aliments?  If so, why are we as a society still buying into the idea we need these chemicals to exist?  Why are we choosing to be self-destructive at a societal level?

I choose organic, because I have an allergic reaction to pesticides.  When I am exposed to pesticide spraying or the residual left of food, I become very sick.  I eat organic meats and milk, because the added hormones contribute to weight gain.  The growth hormones make me grow wider.  I also find that I am sick more often, when I eat conventional foods.  I get more migraine headaches, and generally don’t feel well.

Organic meat tastes different from conventional.  It has more flavor, and I find that my body digests it easier.  Some might not think that eating organic includes meat.  There is a difference between eating organic and being a vegetarian.  In truth, there are a handful of amino acids that cannot be obtained through vegetable sources.  These amino acids are needed by our bodies to make new, healthy cells. 

I would encourage everyone to try something organic, and support the small, local organic farmer in your community. . .

Love & Light to All. . .Karen