Yes, that’s my project for the year.  I have been down-sizing. . .downsizing my possessions. . .downsizing my body. . .downsizing my emotional hurts.  My motto has become “Life is Good. . .”

During and after the sudden move two years ago, I’ve been fighting the battle of organization.  All our possessions (personal and business) were thrown into boxes, and moved in ten short days.  We still have boxes that are unpacked.  It’s hard to still challenging to find things at times.  There is still too many “things” in the apartment and storage unit. . .hence down-sizing.

I think that losing the weight was less intimidating than going through the remaining boxes and throwing “things” away.  Somehow, the boxes seem bigger.  They hold memories of the move, and the last days in the house.  They trigger the shock and trauma of the move (and days/weeks leading up to it).  There were attorneys involved.  There were lies perpetuated.  There was the investment not returned, which in turn highlights the financial struggles of the past two years.

Weight loss was easier!  I only had to deal with my own issues.  These boxes hold the disappointments of the whole family.  My son who lost his dog, and yard to play in.  My husband who lost a large chunk of his inheritance and disability bulk payment.  Me, who feels like I made a bad decision to purchase a house, because I was trying to create stability for my family.

Guilt is a powerful emotion.  It can color everything that one does.  I have a hard time looking at houses now, because of the events then.  I have a difficult time going through these boxes for the same reason.  How does one get past it?

To be honest, I think one has to thaw out from the shock, and cry.  Crying is a great release of emotion.  It allows us to release all the pent-up energy and emotions surrounding an event, such as this one.  Then, simply moving on. . .

As for the boxes, I will need to go through every single one, and sort out the important items from the junk.  I think I need a few more hours in the day. . .

Love & Light to All. . .Karen