Many will think of healing as going to the doctor, and receiving a diagnosis for what is ailing them.  Our culture is permeated with little pills that are supposed to cure our ills.  Sometime, the healing we need requires us to look at the hard “things” in our lives.  Sometimes, we have to take a really long look at ourselves.

Healing the heart and emotions is different from healing a broken bone.  We have become a society that is filled with depression, anxiety, paranoia, compulsive/obsessive behavior and more.  We lump it together into a category named “mental illness.”

I do believe that medication can help us, but it isn’t the complete solution.  If we want to become “better,” we need to invest some time and energy into ourselves.  We have to change.  We have to look inward at our private self.  The question becomes, is there anything inside myself that is contributing to my disease (dis-ease)?

Personally, I’m solution oriented.  Do I get depressed at times?  Yes.  Do I feel overwhelmed at times?  Yes.  Do I feel anxiety sometimes?  Yes.  Is it over-powering at times?  It’s been a long time since it’s been that strong.  So, what did I do?

I write.  I paint.  I share with others.  I accept that it is something that I’m going through, and it will pass at some point.  I go on a photographic shoot.  I create something positive from something negative.  I make it work for me.

I approach life from the perspective of gratitude.  I say thank you for the little things in my life.  Before I know it, the depression/anxiety/nagging issues dissipate to the point I can address them in an appropriate way.  I am able to walk away from the “FEAR” the emotion, memory or issue evoked in me.

I would encourage everyone to write.  It is the biggest release of emotion that I have found.  It is sometimes difficult to start the process, but once the writer’s block is passed the words and feelings flow onto the page.  Sometimes, writer’s block is the mind’s way of avoiding an issue or feeling.  In general, I have not met many people who like to feel pain or suffering.  Our mind protects us from painful memories or traumatic events.

Painting is a visual release.  Art is simply the vision of an individual who has the courage to put it into a physical medium, such as a painting.  Other visual releases include sculpture, mixed media, photography, drawing, scrape-booking and more.

My first venture into this type of healing self came in the late 1990.  I stopped drinking, after my engagement party thrown by my mom.  She had been drinking, and cornered me with an embarrassing question (private issue) in front of everyone at the party. 

After I went home, I quit drinking.  Feeling lost, I went into individual counseling three months later.  The first thing we worked on was re-claiming my inner child.  I had to re-define all of my emotions.  I went through the process by drawing pictures and writing poetry.  I put it together into a book, so I could remember.  Granted, it didn’t keep me from entering into a six-year abusive marriage, but it did help me get out of it in the end!

There is a great book that helped me titled “It will never happen to me.”  I read the book many times, wrote notes in it, and I still have it.  The one philosophy that helped me find my boundaries as a person is “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Covey.  It showed me a way to organize my life to benefit my goals, and not get lost in other people.

Love & Light to All. . .Karen