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I think the title says it all. . .

This was taken 10 lbs ago, while I out shooting.

Making a change is challenging at times.  A change to our appearence can be overwhelming.  When losing or gaining weight, we have to face the clothes closet at some point.  I did that today.  I’ve done that many times leading up to today.  Usually, the clothes closet wins, and I’m left wondering what clothing I can fit into.

Today, I won.  Almost everything I tried on fit.  There were some items that were too big, and they left the closet to be donated.  I have clothes to wear again.  This makes me happy.

Maybe the question to ask is why were the clothes in my closet smaller than me?  Well, I had just purchase a new wardrobe of clothing, and within three to four months nothing fit.  I just kept gaining weight, no matter what I tried.  The more I tried, the more weight I gained until I reached almost 200 lbs.  Looking back, it seems like lost years, because I do not remember much.

So, today I tried on almost everything in my closet.  Now, I have six pairs of pants to wear.  Before, I had two, and one pair that was too big (5″ in the waist).

Love & Light to All. . .Karen