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It was yesterday.  I looked into the mirror in the bathroom, and saw a thin person looking back at me.  I had become so conditioned to seeing a large obese person, that this change came as a shock.  I was standing there looking like a thin person in size 10 jeans and a loosely fitting large shirt. . .WOW!

It was a little over a year ago that I barely fit into size 16 jeans, and was hoping that I wouldn’t have to buy a larger size.  Large shirts were beginning to be very tight fitting, and XL were more comfortable.  I had slowly gained this excess, so I was unaware of the changes in my body.  I did notice that I had more pain.  I didn’t like to go shopping, because nothing fit.  I couldn’t realize that I was FAT.

Today, I step on the scale, and see my weight around 150.  I’ve lost inches. . .many inches all over my body.  I still battle with water retention, though drinking herbal tea daily helps control it.  Too much sodium is not my friend.

This path is leading me to write a book, that I am naming “So What, You’re Over 40.”  It was inspired by a doctor, who told me that the weight wouldn’t come off, because of my age (43).  It is amazing how powerful a doctor’s words are to a patient.  I didn’t believe him, yet I found myself struggling to accomplish something that was easy to do. 

I think that weigh loss fails when we are not ready to change.  Weight loss is the change of our views, perceptions and values.  When we place value in our health and wellbeing, we change how we view and perceive the world.  Truth and honesty with ourselves about our health and wellbeing, bring us to the point of being able to change and lose excessive weight.

True spiritual connection with the divine shows us that our physical body is the manifestation of our feelings about our lives, faith and others.  So, the weight loss happens when we decide to make it happen. . .

Love & Light to All. . .Karen