When approaching the idea of weight loss, where is the starting point?  It is simply to make a decision.  To lose weight, one needs to want to lose it.  There will be a grieving process.  There will be ups and downs.  There will be good days, and bad days.  The bottom line is that one comes to the point that they are willing to go through this transformation to become their full potential.

Yes, it is easier to stay the same.  It is a challenge to let go of what is comfortable, even if it is not good for our health or wellbeing.  There are an endless amount of excuses to put it off until tomorrow.  Also, there are endless reasons to start it today, right now.

I think we underestimate our power over our own being.  We forget that we are the ones making the decisions for our lives.  It is easy to place the blame on someone else or an outside event.  It is easier to put it off until tomorrow (which never comes), instead of starting today.  Maybe, it is the Holiday Season coming up, or a family visit, or. . .

Losing weight is empowering one’s self.  It is one of the most caring things one can do for themself.  It takes care of the temple the Creator gave us to live this physical life in.  It is becoming a sacred being, and embracing ourselves for who and what we are.  Basically, it could be quite scary!

Walking on this path is filled with insecurities and uncertainty.  How will we change?  What is it like being 20, 30 or more pounds less in girth?  Will people still like us?  Will our families still accept us, or put pressure on us not to change?  Who do we listen to?

If we start from the idea that “change” is the only thing constant in the Universe, it allows us to see that with or without the extra weight, our lives will change.  People change.  Places change.  Circumstances change. 

We are all individual beings that seek heathy, inter-depended relationships with other people.  This includes our families, friends and aquaintances.  Inter-dependance means that we know ourselves, embrace ourselves, and are not afraid to ask others for help or understanding.  It means that we have chosen to walk away from fear to embrace our true self. . .

Love and Light to All. . .Karen