I am one of those people who crave balance.  I can feel when my life goes careening off in one direction, without compensation for the other areas of my life.  I get sick, short-tempered or act other than my normal, laid-back self.  I think the trick to juggling all of life’s challenges comes down to priorities.

Priorities are the foundation for life.  What is important to the individual?  For me, it is myself and immediate family, financial stability and my art.  I know these things, because I have taken the time to know myself.  It’s far too easy to pass the blame to someone outside ourselves as the entity causing our problems.  That’s not true!  It comes down to the decisions that we make everyday.

I do agree that events happen that are out of our control.  We do have control with how we decide to react to the event.  The only true thing we have control over in our lives is our own reactions.  There are times when other’s decisions affect our lives, such as abuse or violent behaviour.  These are times were other’s try to change the course of our lives to benefit themselves.  It is the person who knows themself that is able to stand up to the barrage from the other person or group of people.  We do have a choice.  We can choose to buy into what “they” are trying to sell us, or stay true to ourselves.

In our current place of being, there are many vying for our support.  We are barraged with images of war, child abuse scandals, political unhappiness, economic challenges, deadly diseases, children bullying other children to death, and so much more negative subjects.  If we look at the news, it is filled with disasters, war, genocide and death.  How do we survive in this onslaught of negativity?  How do we maintain the balance in our lives?  How do we know who to believe?  And, where do we go for the truth?  Maybe, what is our own individual truth?

My next entry will be on finding yourself. . .